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ReviewPoint’s state-of-the-art review management software automatically contacts customers of your business. This streamlines the process making it possible for them to leave a review in a matter of seconds. Be the shining star amongst your competition.


Generate More Reviews

Review Management Software

Reviewpoint helps businesses simplify the process of capturing customer feedback and online reviews. With a mobile-first approach, Reviewpoint review management software enables interaction via automated SMS and email; the channels that people are familiar with and like to use. All this while allowing review monitoring of all of your locations — All in one place.

Review Management Software

More Reviews. More Customers. That’s ReviewPoint!

Build trust and confidence in your Brand. Let your reputation precede you!

Get instant insight of trending keywords used in reviews by your customers

Handle unhappy customers before their negative reviews go online

Gather multiple locations and platforms all in one place

Review Response – respond to customers reviews within our dashboard

4 and 5 star Review Stream

ReviewPoint provides an easy to implement review stream for your business. We gather all the 4 and 5 star reviews across the review sites of your choice. By embedding this review stream, it helps your business rise in search results online, as well as being an enhancement of being able to point your potential customers in the right direction to close more sales.

Review Management Software

Contact List

Have your customer contact information be as mobile as you are. Access customer contacts on your computer, and on the go.

One simple place to manage and store all your customers contacts

Easy integration for uploading new customers

Track customer satisfaction through seeing what customers would recommend your business

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