How to Remove Negative Google Reviews

A negative review: a business owner’s worst nightmare. Don’t fret, don’t lose sleep, stay calm, and stay on top of the problem. You cannot remove a Google review but it can be fixed!

First, flag it for removal if it’s fake. On Google reviews, it is known that there are many bots and fake accounts that aim to lower a company’s ratings, therefore, you should examine your reviews and check them with your records, see if they lack details that relate to your business, and if there is a lot of misspellings and foul language, Google may take the review down. Then, respond immediately to all negative reviews. The longer the problem is left unsolved on the internet, the more people will tend to believe the fake and/or negative review. Put your ego in your desk drawer, and make sure to tell your side of the story with compassionate language, acknowledge the issue, and educate the public that you are willing to do whatever it takes to make that customer satisfied. The best policy a business owner can have is, your customer is always right. If the customer is pleased with your response, they could edit or even delete that negative statement. An abundance of positive reviews will overrule the bad; one way to receive more positive reviews is to ask your customer in person or over the phone if they were happy with the service that you provided, and if so, politely ask for a positive review. (or use ReviewPoint)