Good Review Examples for Your Business

Over the last ten years, Google reviews has gradually come to be an important driver of business. More than 95% of people read online reviews before choosing which company they’ll patronize. So you need to know, when customers Google your business, what do they find? If they don’t find Google reviews, you’re missing out!

And, hopefully, they find more than four stars because half of consumers won’t even consider buying from a business with less. Customers also like to see lots of reviews. Research shows most of them won’t believe your star rating is real if you have any less than 40 Google reviews. They also want the business to engage in reviews by responding. Simply writing back to a quarter of your Google reviews can increase your revenue by 35%.

That’s why encouraging quality Google reviews and maintaining a helpful, informative Google My Business page is so valuable. This free marketing tool could be a great help to your business if used properly.

How to get Google reviews

Getting Google reviews is easier than you think. Google’s free platform and helpful tips make learning how to get Google reviews a breeze.

Step #1: Setting up your Google My Business profile

Go to Google and create a free account if you haven’t done so already. Log in to your account before the next step.

Go to and search for your business. Follow the prompts to claim your company and create a Google My Business page. Now you have a public-facing platform you can control.

Step #2: Completing your Google My Business profile

A complete Google My Business profile is a must-have. For your profile to be taken seriously, add photos, a business description, fill out your hours and answer any and all questions Google asks. You’ll also need to verify your account. The more time you spend perfecting your profile, the more customers will notice and respond in kind with a Google review.

For more detailed directions on how to claim and set up your Google My Business profile, click here.

Step #3: Taking Google review’s advice

Maximize the benefits of your Google My Business page by using the resources Google has made available. Expect to see emails from Google with tips and tricks, as well as pointers throughout your dashboard as you’re getting set up.

When these helpful hints pop up, read and apply them! As annoying as they may be in the moment, they can be quite beneficial and empower you to make the most of your profile.

Step #4: Promoting Google reviews

Include a link to your Google My Business profile on your website, email signature, social media accounts and any other place you post about your business. You can also add Google review reminders to your business cards, brochures and even your front door. Do anything you can to keep this feature top-of-mind for your customers.

Step #5: Following Google reviews rules

There are rules of engagement for Google reviews. Don’t discourage negative reviews or specifically solicit positive ones. Google reviews work well because people trust the platform. Businesses being selective about the reviewers they encourage erodes trust.

How to get more Google reviews

Getting a Google review or two is easy, but learning how to increase reviews on Google is critical to maximizing this essential marketing tool. Studies show when businesses have more than 25 current reviews, their revenues increase by 108%. Make sure you’re fully benefiting from your efforts by learning how to get more Google business reviews.

Step #1: Asking for more Google reviews

You know the old saying, “Ask and you shall receive?” This applies to Google reviews! Most people are willing to write Google reviews, and 68% of consumers say they have after being asked to do so.

Verbally asking for a review isn’t easy, though. Fortunately, there are a few other ways you can solicit Google reviews:

  1. Email: Nearly 80% of reviews come from customers prompted by email after purchasing a product or service.
  2. Social media: Sharing your Google My Business page is a great way to generate new reviews.

Printed marketing materials: Remind people to check out your business on Google to encourage new Google reviews.

Step #2: Training your employees to ask for Google reviews

Your employees are your best representatives, so who better to ask a customer for a Google review? Teach them to ask for reviews with a simple script like: “Thank you for your business today. Be sure to check us out on Google and let us know how you liked your visit.” Easy!

Step #3: Responding to Google reviews

Responding to both positive and negative Google reviews, although time-consuming, is a must. Your customers will trust your business more, and that gives you an edge on your competition as few businesses take the time to respond to any of their Google reviews.

In many ways, Google reviews have changed the marketing game for small businesses forever. Knowing how to get Google reviews is an important skill every business owner should have to make the most of this essential promotional tool.