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While we’re proud of our amazing software, our real, live review managers and support team are the backbone of ReviewPoint.

Our mission is to help people find the best businesses.

Small businesses often have drastically fewer reviews than happy customers. While your business hours and address might be up to date, a lack of reviews misrepresents how great your business truly is resulting in inaccurate online profiles. By helping great business owners easily generate online reviews, we help people find the best small businesses in their area.

Value #1


As a small business ourself, we see others try and trick companies into buying tools they don’t need, customers into buying stuff they don’t want, and employees into a stressful work-life. At ReveiwPoint, everything we do revolves around making sure that our businesses, their customers, and our employees are winning.

Value #2


Yeah, it’s a little corny but one of the most stressful parts of business is working with people you can’t trust. At ReviewPoint, you can trust that we make earning and managing reviews as easy as possible for you and your customers. Don’t worry about keeping us honest, if something goes wrong, we’ll be the first ones to own it and find you the best possible solutions.

Value #3

Shoot for the stars!

And land in the clouds. Whether that means helping small businesses exceed their expectations of how many reviews they can get or developing the best, cutting edge solutions that make your life easier, we’re all about going big (and not going home)!

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